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 Koran believes that funding public education is one of the most important duties a county Supervisor takes on. This is why he believes the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors should fully fund the LCPS budget, increase our teachers pay so we can attract and retain successful teachers, and implement full-day kindergarten for all of Loudoun’s families.

The Board of Supervisors has failed to take care of the needs of the people in Sterling. For instance, our Fire & Rescue Station, Community Center and Library are out of date and have been in need of vast improvements for decades. Not only has Sterling been neglected, but in many cases, those who have been elected to represent our interests have been actively preventing the county from making the necessary improvements.

  Koran supports efforts to relieve congestion and improve our transportation infrastructure in the county. He would work to make sure roads are built at the same time new homes are being built - not after a new subdivision has been completed and the cars of new residents are adding to our traffic woes.