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Loudoun Education

Koran believes that funding public education is one of the most important duties a county Supervisor takes on. This is why he believes the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors should fully fund the LCPS budget, increase our teachers pay so we can attract and retain successful teachers, and implement full-day kindergarten for all of Loudoun’s families. It’s hard to believe, yet it’s true: Loudoun is the only school district in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, and one of only four districts in all of Virginia, not to offer full-day kindergarten for all. Nor does Loudoun currently have an implementation plan to right this wrong. A recent article by the Washington Post [HERE] describes how children in Loudoun County are being cheated, not just academically, but on an important part of childhood. With state mandates for core-curriculum objectives, Loudoun’s children don’t get many opportunities to play and form bonds with their classmates, or experience multi-disciplinary lesson plans that introduce them to the joy of learning. Meanwhile, other Metro school districts are aggressively expanding early childhood education. As Supervisor, Koran would be a champion for Loudoun families who want their children to get a top notch K-12 education, and for the educators who give so much of themselves to teach our children.